The American Society of Civil Engineers Notre Dame Student Chapter provides members with a wide variety of opportunities both on and off campus. On campus, the club holds monthly general meetings, hosts guest speakers from various fields within civil engineering, provides opportunities for underclassmen to meet and learn from upperclassmen, and hosts social events on campus for members to get to know each other. ASCE also extends beyond the Notre Dame campus, providing members opportunities to volunteer in the South Bend community, visit construction sites, and attend annual conferences to compete with and get to know other civil engineers from around the country. We also encourage our members to register to be student members of the national American Society of Civil Engineers, which provides career resources, newsletters, and other professional development opportunities that extend far beyond our four years at Notre Dame. 

The Notre Dame chapter of ASCE is a 100% student-run club. We rely on fundraising, donations, and sponsorships to keep hosting engaging meetings for our members and fund travel to the annual student conference. If you or your organization is interested in sponsoring the club, please contact asce@nd.edu