Upcoming Events:

Currently, members are hard at work preparing for the 2024 Student Symposium, hosted by Purdue University Northwest! The conference will take place from April 11-13th and there are a variety of competitions, including Concrete Canoe, Steel Bridge, Timber-Strong Design Build, and more. 

Recent Events:

The 2023-2024 school year has been great! Throughout the year, ASCE has had several big events, including a field trip to Chicago, a tour of a residence hall under construction, a few social activities, and a volunteer event! Along with these, there have been monthly general meetings and continued preparation for the 2024 Indiana-Kentucky Student Symposium which will take place in April. Check out some of the highlights from this year!

Members tour the Obama Presidential Center during a field trip to Chicago in December 2023.

Members tour the Timber Exhibit at the Chicago Architectural Center.



Officers at the September General Meeting.


Concrete canoe members hard at work during Casting Day in February 2024.



Other Activities:

Guest Speakers

Each semester, ASCE invites a guest speaker to give a lecture at one of our general meetings. These lectures provide a insight into various civil engineering activities and allow for our members to connect with professionals in the field. Last semester, we got to hear from several experienced engineers, including Kevin Walsh, a professor and structural engineer, and Akhtar Zaman, a geotechnical engineer!

Field Trips

We have the opportunity to tour many of buildings on campus that are currently under construction, providing the perfect chance for students to see a construction sight firsthand. This year, we toured the Graham Hall in the fall and we're looking forward to more tours this semester!

Dinner with a Civil

A club favorite, Dinner with a Civil encourages members to interact with civil engineering majors in other grades. Each group is organized to include at least a student from each year. Even better, dinner is on the house/club!

​Shear Studs

The athletic branch of the club, the Shear Studs have competed in various intramural sports, from basketball to volleyball to floor hockey. Last year, we made it to playoffs for both broomball and volleybal! Our motto is 'uncivilized since 1852'. So far this academic year, we've competed in sand volleyball, 7-on-7 soccer, and broomball. Check out some of the highlights: