Upcoming Events:

Last 2021 General Meeting - November 30, 2021. Time and place coming soon! 

Recent Events:

Our recent general meetings have been lots of fun, and we had a blast playing broomball. Our concrete canoe team has been staying active with weekly mix design meetings and even a few rowing practices. We also were fortunate enough to tour the construction in Sorin Hall.

Club members playing jenga
ASCE members show off structural skills during a game of Jenga.
Sorin tour
ASCE members after touring Sorin Hall.
Shear Studs play a competitive game of broomball.
Concrete Canoe members perfecting their rowing.
A typical mix design meeting.




Other Activities:

Guest Speakers

Each semester, ASCE invites a guest speaker to give a lecture at one of our general meetings. These lectures provide a insight into various civil engineering activities and allow for our members to connect with professionals in the field.

Field Trips

Each spring, ASCE takes an annual trip to Chicago to tour different companies. In addition, due to the ever present construction on campus, we arrange site tours of buildings currently under construction.


ASCE has partnered with SAWS in previous semesters and will do so this upcoming semester as well. We assist in constructing ramps for local residents with disabilities to help them access their homes more easily.

Dinner with a Civil

A club favorite, Dinner with a Civil encourages members to interact with civil engineering majors in other grades. Each group is organized to include at least a student from each year. Even better, dinner is on the house/club!

​Shear Studs

The athletic branch of the club, the Shear Studs have competed in various intramural sports, from basketball to volleyball to floor hockey. This year we will compete in volleyball and in broomball. Our motto is 'uncivilized since 1852'.